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MWL Toronto 2012 mix(funky-tech)
April 16, 2012 08:45 AM PDT
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1.Francys-Crossing The White Line (Gorge Interpretation)
2.Uner-Cocoua (Original Mix)
3.Piek, Danny Serano-We Feel House Music (Original Mix)
4.Ferreck Dawn-Work The Middle (Original Club Mix)
5.Tastic Funk-El Gitano(Original Mix)
6.Luna City Express-In The Mix (Original Mix)
7.FullHouse-Barboza (Original Mix)
8.Drauf dran-Pulp(original mix)
9.Danubio feat. Jandira-Ladeira Do Pelo (Eric Faria Remix)
10.Lauer & Canard Feat. Greg note-Twisted Disco (Original Club Mix)
11.Phunk Investigation-1-2-3-4 (No House Mix)
12.Bastian van Shield - King Of My Castle (King Was Here Mix)
13.Namito-Of Mice & Hares (Pleasurekraft Remix)
14.Bimbo Dance-El Bimbo (Marco Fratty extended mix)

Atmosphere # Episode 3-Metamorphosis(the progressive mix)
March 08, 2012 09:43 AM PST
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The journey into space continues with rhythmic pulses and hypnotic melodies that compel the listener to discover the above and beyond, a complete submersion into sound that speaks directly to the heart and soul of those who yearn to discover new and far away dimensions.

1.Eelke Kleijn - Fm Am (Logiztik Sounds.. Luxor Traum Remix)
2.Overloque - Telepathist (Original Mix)
3.Matt Lange - Rift(Andrew Bayer Remix)
4.Che Armstrong - Zubrowka(Original Mix)
5.Azzora - Tenknika(Original Mix)
6.Maslow And Mkn - Titanium White (Davi Remix)
7.Davi - Minor (Sezer Uysal Remix)
8.System Divine - Angel(Original Mix)
9.Deluna - Search & Destroy(Original Mix)
10.Vitodito - Stockholm (Feat David Folkebrant)
11.Lodos - Death Of A Butterfly (Original Mix)

Tales of a poker player
February 22, 2012 11:06 AM PST
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1.Memoryman Aka Uovo - Paleotto (Original Mix)
2.Medeew - Make Me Move (Aaron Und Pascal Remix)
3.Audiofly X Feat Shaun Parkes - Inside the Beat (Nicco Unreleased Mix)
4.Rhadow - Sometimes (Original Mix)
5.Nino & Bobby Deep - Griso (Original Mix)
6.Ntfo and Rhadow - Downtown (Original Mix)
7.Ivano Coppola - Mastermind (Memoryman Aka Uovo Unreleased Dub)
8.Inaki Diaz - Tremble (Original Mix)
9.Nima Gorji - Sunday Afternoon (Original Mix)
10.Etiquet - Together (Original Mix)
11.Hollen - Thunderbird (Original Mix)
12.Slam - Human (Oxia Remix)
13.Frink - Ipanema (Original Mix)
14.Thanos Kous - Late Night (Original Mix)
15.Kreiss & Gfp - The Consumence (Feat Renant Cadoret)

Get Dumb!(deep underground house tunes)
February 17, 2012 02:14 PM PST
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1.Denis Yashin - Say Groove (Original Mix)
2.Weather Pending - Perfect Weather (312 Remix)
3.Dub Taylor - Urban Silence III (ETRauh14)
4.Nick Dare - Oh Yeh (Original Mix)
5.Mihai Popoviciu - Fever (Original Mix)
6.Toygun - Cosmic City (Original Mix)
7.Luis Mf & Johann Smog - Sleeplessness (Nathan Barato Industry Darkness Remix)
8.Emanuel Satie & Emauel Satie - Right And Up Above (Original Mix)
9.Tastic Funk - El Gitano (Original Mix)
10.Kaiserdisco - Hija Major (Original Mix)
11.Luigi Madonna - Fuencarral (Original Mix)
12.Muzzaik ft. Zaida - Work It (David Penn Remix)
13.A.K.O. - Back To The Future (Mark Denken Remix)
14.Ultrasone - Breathe N Pop (Original Mix)
15.Dj Le Roi ft. Roland Clark - I Get Deep (Joris Voorn This Is Not A Remix)

Destination disco -Made with Love Montreal edition 2011
December 06, 2011 11:46 PM PST
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1.Landmark - Superman Shine On Me (Original Mix) 2.Einmusik - Nyx (Original Mix) 3.Metodi Hristov, Pavel Petrov - Cacao Beach (Original Mix) 4.Rosengren, Chelly - Just A Little (Original Mix) 5.Ulisses Nunes - He He Yes (Oscar L Remix) 6.Marko Nastic-Destination disco (Original Mix) 7.Theodor Tonwerfer-Moving (Original Mix) 8.2000 And One - Inside Job (Original Mix) 9.Dd2 vs Rudy MC - Upside Down (Club Mix) 10.Oscar L - Mother Fucker (Original Mix) 11.Lightem and Nino santos-Revolucion(Khaan remix) 12.Robert Dietz - Pandemic (Original Mix)

Atmosphere(deep tech house mix) # Episode 2
June 23, 2011 01:37 PM PDT
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1.James Zabiela-Blame(Robert Babicz remix)
2.Oliver Tatsch - No Watching (Original Mix)
4.Masahiro Suzuki - Lost Particles(Original Mix)
5.Patrice Baumel-Vapour(Joris Voorn solid mix)
7.Andrea Roma - Stabat Mater (Ahmet Sendil Remix)
8.Ferreck Dawn - Pedazos Vocales(Re Dupre Remix)
9.DJ Sneak - Babylon fallin (Original Mix)
10.Oblivion-Movingstones(Lust Addict Remix)

Atmosphere(deep tech house mix) # Episode 1
March 28, 2011 06:08 PM PDT
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Live set-Playlist:
1.Tevo Howard feat. Tracey Thorn - Without Me (Marcus Worgull Dub Dixon Edit)
2.Denis A - Heroin (Scotty A Remix)
3. Lee Picton - Santa Kruz - Original Mix
4.SQL - Home Adrone - Original Mix
5. Donatello, Kastis Torrau - Dragon - Original Mix
7.Booka Shade - Regenerate (PanPot Remix)
8. Andy Kohlmann & Rene Bourgeois - Blonde Flute
9.Julian Neumann - Memories - Original Mix

Low frequency
March 20, 2011 02:13 PM PDT
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1.(8A)Nick Curly - Cozumel(original mix)
2.(9B)Okain and hector-Tacos frogs(original mix)
3.(11A)Deniz Kurtel - The L Word (feat.  Jada) (Guy Gerber's Countryside Mix)
4.(12A)Sian - Flood (Gui Boratto Remix)
5.(11A)Munnibrotherz - We Going (Original Mix)
6.(12A)Freaks and 012-conscious of my conscience(Vocal mix)
7.(7A)Christian Burkhardt - Chanel(Original mix)
8.(5A)Pan-Pot - Captain My Captain (Booka Shade Remix)
9.(3A)Gorge - Ona (Solomun Remix)
10.(10A)Davide Squillace - Crocodile Tears
11.(8B)The 2 bears-Church(Midland remix)
12.(10B)Made by monkeys feat Darcy Conroy-I Think of You (Pablo Ceballos Timeless Vocal Mix)

101 T3K'N'O
March 29, 2011 04:06 PM PDT
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1.Kolombo -I'm on Your Side[08:58] (Westboy Remix) 2.Gruvkode - Gruvkode[02:46] (Original Mix) 3.Greg Kutnar - Criminamorphe[05:14] (Original mix) 4. Luigi Madonna - 7 Swords[04:53] (Original Mix) 5.Slam - Collecting Data [04:32] (Sasha Carassi Phobiq Remix) 6.Milton Channels -The Bat[04:44] (Original Mix) 7.Weekend Heroes - NE'X[05:44] (Runnin Away Mix) 8. Deep Sound - Sick Mind [04:32] (Original Mix) 9.Ramon Zenker, Harada - Nachtwild [05:27] (Original Mix) 10.Cutoff - Button Push [03:49] (Original Mix) 11.Kulsch- Loreley [06:15] (Original Mix)

Necessary Activity(Made with Love)
May 24, 2011 09:23 AM PDT
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1.Daniel Boon - Banjorita Re-Master (Re-Master)
2.Arnold From Mumbai_Sam Farsio_Socio Robots-Yar-Add2basket Remix
3.Thomas Lizzara - The Woodfairy (Original Mix)
4.Sandy Huner & 2000 and One - Tap Deux
5.Farrel 8 - Discotech
6.Lizzara & Tatsch - Fastnacht (Original Mix)
7.Doomwork - Centauri (2000 And One Remix)
8.Joe Maker - Minimal Happiness (Original Mix)
9.Lutzenkirchen - H2O - Original Mix
10.Lish feat. Andrea Bertolini – Necessary Activity

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